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PDF to JPG Converter Software is Now Listed on

PDF to JPG Converter, a very popular file format converter software used for converting PDF documents to JPG image files, is now listed on is a very reputed and trusted website for software downloads and users can now directly download the software from it.

PDF to JPG Converter is a software developed by Soft Solutions, a software company based in Delhi, India that converts PDF to JPG image files. And we are happy to announce that has added the software on their site. This implies that has thoroughly evaluated and tested the software to list it on their website. Each software has to go thorough a rigorous process of quality check before listing on by the website. That is how makes sure that all software listed on their website are of highest quality and maintains its high standards of customer satisfaction.

The software in return also benefits from its listing on Softonic has a large loyal user based and by getting listed on, the software is exposed to a large user base for which was not possible otherwise. The software will get feedback for the large user base and it will help the developer to improve it based on the feedback received.

The software is listed on at and on company's website at

The purpose of the software is to convert PDF to JPG image. Many times, it happens that a PDF needs to be opened on a computer which does not have a PDF reader. So, the best solution in such case is to convert that PDF to JPG image because all operating systems can open JPG images without any extra software required.

PDF to JPG Converter has easy to use user interface with plenty of conversion options like color depth, resolution, output folder path etc. to make the conversion better and easy. One can also convert multiple PDF to JPG files in one go. A detailed video tutorial is available on YouTube at

About Soft Solutions:

Soft Solutions is a software company that specializes in software and services related to document scanning, image processing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), file format conversion, file security, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), brand building, product marketing, business advertising and other related domains. It was founded to provide high quality software and services.


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